I don't want your pictures to be just another day in your busy life where you checked it off your to do list. 

I want it to be a day where you experienced life and it was captured. So whether it's a trip to the beach building sand castles and splashing in the water or a cozy day at home reading to your kids in a blanket fort you made together I want to tell that story. 

I want to catch the moments of childhood and parenting. The good and the bad. 


Let's have fun shooting your engagement pictures cause it's exciting, you're getting married! 

I know that the idea of posing can make a lot of people feel frantic so let's not do that. Here's what we'll do. I'll show up with my camera and you and your love will show up looking fly. We'll hang out, we'll laugh, I'll tell you about my crazy life as a Momma and try to live vicariously through you. It'll be fun. And if you're lucky I might bust a move or make you break out your best dance. I want it to be comfortable and natural. Not too awkward and not too posed. 

I want to capture the uniqueness of your relationship. So let's find the location the makes you two feel the happiest and start there.

Photo credit: Anna Nodolf of ADN Designs

Photo credit: Anna Nodolf of ADN Designs


I've lived in the Puget Sound area my entire life. On a sunny day I don't think there is anywhere else prettier than Washington. 

I am married to a red bearded man. He's my best friend and I love living life with him. I'm a Momma to three sweet kids; Hudson, Avery, and Willow. My family has made me feel more purpose than anything I've ever felt.

I think breakfast in bed is one of the best inventions along with good coffee and good whiskey. 

If I wasn't a photographer then I'd probably be a backup dancer even though I've never taken a dance class in my life. Most of our days as a family involves a dance party and a good laugh. We are happiest at home but love adventure and would love to add more of it to our lives. 

I thrive on talking to people and hearing their stories. And it makes me feel like damn near the luckiest girl to be able to do that with my camera.