Joseph & Brianna

Venue: Manchester State Park

Every picture that day was magical. And I swear Brianna was a real life Rapunzel with her braided hair and flower crown. 

My favorite part of their day was following them after the wedding & reception to their first date spot, Hilltop Kitchen. It was a chance to capture some relaxed, romantic moments before the day ended.


Colin & Jess

Venue: Beach front/Family Cabin

These two. Hands down one of my favorite couples and weddings. Their love and support for each other is so strong and beautiful. 

They were surrounded by family and friends who love and root for this couple whole heartidly.  

And when a wedding ends by hanging out at a bonfire on the beach in a star covered sky, it doesn't get much better. 


Joe & Sara

Venue: The Kelley Farm

It was easy to see that Joe and Sara are meant to be. They truly married their best friend, the love of their life. 

Their were many sweet tears shed throughout the day from not only the couple but also many family and friends. 

I loved that they completely trusted me with their pictures the entire day. It allowed me to freely do my job and give them beautiful pictures even despite a few rain showers.