Watching life.

I feel like I've been stuck in a rut lately.  I hit a very hard and thick wall going 65mph on a bicycle, without a helmet. Yeah, we're talking that hard.  ; )  It's not necessarily that I don't have any ideas for shoots because I have all of those written down on a few pages in a book.  My rut is mostly to do with marketing.  I need to get my name out there in the world.  More so in the wedding world because I see all of these photographers who are doing great work and getting booked, and I feel like I could be doing just as good as them but no luck.  I'm getting booked but not as much as I would like. I believe word of mouth is the best way for a photographer to market so I ended up making a facebook business page.  You should maybe go "like" it and then tell your friends. : )

Luckily, I am married to an amazing man who is constantly wanting to make things better.  We've talked about my problem.  We've used the creative whack pack app on our iPhones and iPad to throw around some ideas (such a great app by the way!) and just the other night we watched a great TED talk with Simon Sinek-How great leaders inspire action. Every one needs to watch this.  It will radically change the way you think.  After watching the talk, this is what we've come up with; I need to think backwards.  I need people to believe in what I do. To believe in the why first. Therefore, the following is a deeper dive into who I am as a person and a discovery that within who I am, who God has called me to be and in what I love about life,  that I  just so happen to be a photographer capturing these things.

I love watching life.  I love watching the characters within it, the laughter, and the joy, that make up the DNA of this life.  I believe that what we have before us is a blessing and that even the hardest moments that bring us tears and heartache can be looked at with respect because not only does gives us a greater appreciation for the sweeter moments, it gives us the choice of becoming a better person.

I love the daily moments.  Watching my son do the simplest activity, or wrestle around with his daddy and especially hearing him laugh.  I probably annoy Kendon, in fact I know I do every time I hit him, because I want him to see something that Hudson is doing. And it's usually nothing super big, yet something simple like coloring or talking to our dog that makes me happy. But then Kendon looks at our son, genuinely smiles and we're able to share in that special moment together.  Not everyone gets the opportunity to become a parent, or get married.  It is amazing.  And it should be cherished.

I love watching life and the people in it.  My name is Melissa Shaw and I just happen to be a photographer who captures these moments with my camera.