This is a special post about my friend Hillary who went on a mission's trip to Haiti in March with Haitian Christian Outreach. Before she left I gave her my backup camera and a few lessons then sent her on her way to take some amazing pictures of Haiti and it's beautiful people. I did NOT take these, only edited them and cannot take the credit for the great job that she did.  There are some really amazing shots and I am so proud!

This is what Hillary has to say about her trip;

Going to Haiti I thought I wouldnt expect what I saw, but when I got there - I did. Driving through the streets I thought I was just standing up close to the TV watching CNN or something. It was almost exactly what I expected. It was slow, agonizing pain watching these people live around still 92% of the rubble that was crumbled around them in January of 2010, and that was just the visible shambles.

The verse I held onto going there was from John 21, when Jesus talks about making fishers of men. My goal in mind was as a follower of christ my intention was to help God capture the heart of others. But while being there i really got experience and drew more from Colossians 1 where Paul is saying to the Church, 'I thank my Lord everytime I think of you'. Haiti is no more important than any other country, the progress is agonizingly slow and dishelved but under the name of the Lord those who work in his name have been blessed and thats what gives us hope to continue everyday.

This was my first trip but through my long 3 weeks there, I truly thank the Lord for the people he has brought there and those who are native of the country. It is a beautiful creation beyond words, you can see God's presence illiminated over the people in the country. From a place with so much despair, it truly is the land of contrast- Mansion next to tent cities you almost wouldnt believe your eyes. Corruption fighting Christ, He prevails in the hearts of the people who love him there and their country. My heart is drawn there, and "I thank God every time i think of them".

Here are just a few of some of beautiful pictures.