Special Family session w/our friends: Foutz Family

This was such a great session.  Not only did I get to take pictures of a ridiculously cute little family but it was even better since they are our good friends. When Kendon and I first started dating, he lived with 6 other guys in a house.  Most of those guys had girlfriends and now all of those girlfriends have become wives and mothers.  We have all been in each other's weddings, and now we are entering this chapter of our lives where we are becoming families.  Wow, what an amazing blessing.  I mean, I'm sitting here just thinking about all of the memories we've shared with them and I am about to cry. Agh, don't go there Melissa, don't do it. It really is overwhelming in a wonderful way.

Thank you Ren and Kate for your friendship, it means the world.  Love you guys! And I absolutely have fallen in love with Logan.  Keep making those babies! ; )