Boone+Hannah: Married! Part 1

Location: Centralia First United Methodist Church/Chehalis Riverside Golf Course Story: The first time I met with Hannah I knew I had to do her wedding. She was the most chill, laid back bride with great style, a beautiful personality and gorgeousness written all over her.

Boone and Hannah are a cute surfer couple.

Boone proposed to Hannah on the jetty at Westport and they celebrated with a surf session afterwards. Love it. : )

The church that they got married in was the same church that Hannah's Mom and Grandma were married in. So love it.

All of the flowers used that day came from Hannah's Grandma's yard.

I know all of Hannah's family from church and played basketball in a women's league a few years ago with Anne (her Mom).

Jessica (hair/makeup artist) is one of the girls from my small group when Kendon and I were youth group leaders at church.

There were so many great moments to this day from their first look to Hannah walking down the aisle and seeing both her and Boone tear up.  They are such a beautiful couple both in looks and personality and I am so honored that they chose me to photograph their wedding.