Madison: Senior 2012

Super duper session facts: Prepare yourself this is possibly my biggest post cause I couldn't choose. You'll see why.

Madison brought an entourage cause that's how she rolls. ; )

Entourage consisted of: Mom, sister, best friend, and boyfriend.

I love the show Entourage but it's over now.

This was a ridiculously amazing session from beginning to end.

The light was Kill-er. Say it with me kill-----er.

When I asked Madison what she wants to do when she grows up her response was, "be a mom." Oh yes folks, she's just that adorable and cute.

Her best friend's name is also Madison. Yup, they're that close.

I know Madison's oldest sister Morgan and after seeing all three sister's and their mom I have come to find out that they are all drop dead gorgeous. Ridiculous for you but not for me since I get to take their pictures. ; )

I took pictures of Madison and Madison, Madison and sister Payton, and Madison and Collin.  They are all amazing.

See for yourself. : )