Mitch & Brittany: Married! : Part 1 :

Alright folks it's time to grab a snack and something to drink because I've got a weddin' to show. Factual:

-I met Mitch and Brittany about 8 years ago when I was one of their Young Life leaders.

-They've been dating since high school.

-I think they are just wonderful.

-He makes her laugh.

-The groomsmen (which some of them I knew) made me laugh.

-I had a killer sidekick w/me that day, Ms. Kelsey Blome. She's fantastic in every way.

-You could see the excitement, love, and support from everyone that was involved and all of the guests.


-Brittany and Mitch, you are just great people and it makes my heart full of joy that you chose me as your wedding photographer.

-Venue: Fountain Room/Bremerton Conference Center