Mark + Brittany + Babies Belly


These two beautiful people are our close friends, Mark and Brittany.  And her belly? Yeah it has twin girls in it.  Heck. Yeah.  We are so excited for them and I know they are just going to be the best parents. The day Britt told me that she was pregnant I definitely squealed but had to keep my containment cause we were at church. haha.  We had talked about how fun it would be to be pregnant at the same time but who knows if we actually thought it would happen.  So the fact that it did and we are? Awesome.

Then the day came that she sent me a message that they were having twins.  Oh. My. Craziness.  It literally took me a week or so for it to actually process this.  As it did for both her and Mark obviously. ; )

Mark and Britt, we love you guys and are so excited for your adventure as parents to begin.  You have both been so amazing with Hudson and he just adores and loves the both of you.  I can't wait to watch our little girls grow up as best friends together.  From tea parties to proms, to their weddings, it's going to be an adventure.