Brandon + Faith: Married! (My brother-in-law+bestie sister-in-law got married!) Part 1


The last 2 months since Avery has been born have been whirlwind to say the least.  I shot a wedding 2 weeks after I had her, multiple senior sessions, and in September we flew down to California to watch and be a part of Kendon's brother Brandon's, wedding. Kendon was the best man, Hudson was the oh-so adorable ring bearer, I was the photographer, and Avery, well she her cute baby self.  I think I need a vacation since coming back from vacation. ; ) It's been a blessing to see Brandon and Faith's story unfold.  To watch as two people who were friends, become lovers, to watch as the girl of his dreams become his wife.  To watch a girl who had broken, be picked up and become loved and cherished the way she always wanted to be.

God is good people.  He is good.

Their first look was the most beautiful first look I've ever been a part of.  I saw my brother-in-law, a man who I respect and who I've wanted the best for, see his beautiful bride and be blown away.  I saw a moment where all his expectations of what he thought that moment would be become something he would never be able to foresee.  In that moment, Brandon knew God had given him something he didn't deserve and he was able to say, "she is mine".  And in that same moment I watched Faith, someone whom I've grown incredibly close with be looked at in the way God see's her, truly beautiful.  She experienced a moment where the man she was about to marry was so blown away by her beauty that he cried when he saw her.

God is good.

I dearly love these two people and I hope that one day our kids (and their future kids) will be able to grow up together.  They are genuinely good people and I want to be around that.

Brandon and Faith, I love you both and I am so excited for your future together.

Faith, my new sister, I am so excited for you. Brandon's love for you, though imperfect is a reflection of God's love for us. Cherish him, I know you will.  I have been so blessed by you already and I am excited to become closer and closer.  I hope that I can be a good example of the older sister you always wanted. ; )

Brandon, I am so excited for you! Since I was the baby in my family, I never had the opportunity to be a protector for a sibling until I married into your family.  You are a good man and I have wanted the absolute best for you and you definitely have been given that.  Continue to lead her as God has called you to.  Kendon and I are praying for you two and hope that we can and will be a good example of marriage the way God intends for it to be.  You are such a good Uncle to Hud and now to Avery.  Hudson just adores you and Ryan.  Thank you so much for loving them the way you do.  I feel like they are completely protected by you.  You are already, a good husband and I can't wait (okay, I can for now) for you to become a Dad.  You are going to fall into that roll so perfectly.

There is so much more that I could say about these two and about their wedding day but honestly words will not suffice.  Therefore, I hope these pictures will do.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part.



Most of the details of that day were made by none other than Faith herself.  And Mrs. Katie Lemster.  And the other super sweet and cute bridesmaids.  : )

Ceremony: Glendora United Methodist- Glendora, CA

Reception: Monrovia Historical Museum- Monrovia, CA

Music: ThinkMusic

Florals: Gretchen Lee- Details of the Day

Catering: Bean Town