Ruby & Scarlett: Twins


My friends Mark and Brittney who's session can be seen here: had their baby girls! Okay so they had them back in July but still, they had them. In fact, those two girls were so excited about Avery coming that they decided to come early. 8 weeks early in fact.  They had to stay in the NICU but did so well that they came after 4 weeks.  Mark kept a beautiful blog of their entrance into the world and I suggest you grab a hankie and read it.

God is so good! And they are beautiful.  I'm so excited and happy to see my two close friends become parents.  They are amazing people and a blessing in my life.

Since the girls were born early and were so small we were able to do their "newborn" pictures not too long ago.

Here are just a few of the ever precious Ruby June and Scarlett Mae.