John + Courtney: Proposal Story!


Last week I had the incredible honor of not only capturing the proposal story of two people, but of two friends.  It absolutely was a day I will not soon forget.  Here is the story... John and Courtney are some of our great friends who go to Soma and are in our missional community.  John is also one of the 8 or so guys that lived in a house together about 8 years ago when Kendon and I first started dating.  Over the past year we have had the privilege of getting to know Courtney as she has been dating John and she is amazing.  She listens to you intently, she loves deeper.  And John is one of those guys that you just want the best for because he simply is a great guy. A rare breed of a gentlemen that we don't always get to see in society as much as we'd hope.  Together, these two are in the middle of a story that God has created just for them and I'm so blessed to be their friend and not only watch it but to have been a part in telling it.

A few weeks ago John called Kendon and over speaker phone told us that he was ready to propose to Courtney and that he needed my help.  He had a dream that weekend and saw the entire proposal and wanted it to happen just like that. In it he proposed at the spot where he asked Courtney out for the first time and I was there taking pictures of him proposing. So with that he knew of the perfect setup to make that happen. I would ask Courtney and John if I could use them as models to test out a new lens I just bought but I wouldn't be taking them just anywhere, secretly John told me of three significant places (date spots, Soma building, first time he asked her out) around downtown Tacoma that I would take them and the last place would be where he would propose.

Going into that week I set things up with Court and planned for the one day of the week that was supposed to be nice. Welp, this is the Pacific North West and it instead decided to pour but that of course wouldn't stop a proposal from happening.

After an hour and a half of shooting in the rain I told them we would go warm up at Metronome but before we did I wanted to stop at one last place. Bam. We were driving and I was trying to figure out how to make this last stop, a place so significant to them seem random but I did nothing and God did the rest. Courtney just happened to mention that this (St. Patrick's church) is where John first asked her out. So I "decided" to go take some pictures of them there.  About 5 minutes of shooting goes by and I asked John if he could hold something for me (I had the ring in my camera bag) so he came over, grabbed it, turned, opened the box and'll see the pictures but can I just say how beautiful this moment was? John got down on one knee in the pouring rain and asked the woman that God chose for him to marry him for the rest of their lives.  Yes, I cried.  But don't worry, I got the pics. ; )  After they celebrated and prayed in the rain, we did go to Metronome and then John planned an engagement party surrounded by lots of our friends from our missional community and Soma. Amazing. It was a good night with dancing, eating, and celebrating love.

There is so much more to this story but I know Courtney is dying to see the pictures so I won't make her wait any longer.

Words cannot express how amazing this day was but hopefully these pictures will help.

Love you guys and I cannot wait to see your journey towards marriage.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part.