Freddy + Kati: Engaged!


Thinking about this engagement session makes me laugh cause when you're driving into a storm with ridiculous wind and rain that's really all you can do.  My back up plan was to drive 40 minutes back to where I came from and do pictures that weren't at all what they had in mind for their engagement pictures so...thank goodness. Haha. I kid.  Honestly, I have amazing clients who trust me and I couldn't ask for anything better.  Normally I would have just rescheduled the session but that wasn't possible because Kati (who I've known since she was in high school & did her sr. pictures) and Freddy flew in from Idaho just for the session so it was gonna happen no matter what. Also, they rented a tandem bike for the session was gonna happen. We all hung out in our cars for less than 10 minutes and amazingly the hurricane stopped! Alright a little on the dramatic side but I have witnesses, the weather was ridiculous. This was my first time meeting Freddy, so it was my first opportunity to see him and Kati together. And see what their relationship looks like.  They are so cute.  They genuinely are happy together and are so playful with each other.  They are without a doubt best friends.  Happy sigh.

I cannot wait for their August wedding and I'm definitely looking forward to some sunshine! ; D

Thank you two! And I hope you love the pictures.