John + Courtney Part 1


If you follow my blog then you may remember this couple from their amazingly sweet and emotional surprise proposal & engagement session. They are also close friends of ours. Here is the link to the post of that special day: | John+Courntey | Proposal Story . Check it out then come back and see their wedding day which was nothing short of an equally beautiful story and day. There were so many aspects of this day that made it so special. And beautiful.  And amazing. And unique.

From the rain to the sunshine that broke through the dark skies (then back to rain), to a letter that Courtney wrote 2 years ago (before her and John were together and before she knew who she would marry) and gave to John, the day was filled with so many qualities that made it beautiful.

I love people watching (which is one of the reasons I love my job) and I love watching the story of a wedding take place.  Especially when it's a wedding where there are so many people that you know and love. It was as if the majority of our community at Soma was there and actually... they were. Haha. I watched as our friends gathered together and setup the venue making sure each tiny detail was perfected as a way to show how much they love John and Courtney. It continued throughout the day and as the celebration got bigger into the night.  Everyone let loose and danced out on the floor (and yes, I absolutely did) not caring about what they looked like (and no I did not care).  Or maybe they did but danced anyways. Daddy's danced with their daughter's, little ones danced their hearts out, friends played air guitar and our friend's band, The Owl Parliament played music. And it was good. It was very good.

I feel so so blessed in what I get to do for a job and it blows me away every time I shoot. Especially when I get to be a part of someone's wedding day or better yet, a friends.

John and Courtney, I have never seen two people more committed in their steps towards   marriage of making sure Christ is their foundation as you two have.  It is so good.

Thank you for allowing me to help be a storyteller at your wedding.  I love you both.