Riley Family


About a month ago I had the wonderful pleasure of capturing this sweet fam and get some adorable pictures of their little girl Molly (who just turned 2) and her pink balloon. What's unique about this experience is that Joe and Martha were one of my wedding couples back in 2009.  This is the first time I have captured former wedding clients that now have a family.  This is one of the many reasons I love photography.  It gives us the opportunity to see and tell an individual's story, a couple's story and then the beginning story of a family that they have created. Amazing.

As someone from the outside who only see's their posts & pictures on fb and their blog, it was an amazing opportunity to see them go from a couple to parents.

Martha is so good with Molly.  Not too long into the session Molly started running down a slight decline where she fell and scraped up her knee and bumped her lips which got a little swollen and pouty.  It could have made the rest of the session go bad but the way Martha tended to her, and comforted her made this Momma love and adore a moment like that.  Normally a photographer might not take pictures of such a moment because it doesn't look "perfect", but that wouldn't have captured the story of the other bumps and bruises that a 2 year old often gets.  It also wouldn't have captured a tender moment of consoling a child that parents often go through on a daily or weekly basis.  It was beautiful.

Joe is such a fun Dad to Molly and just as sweet with her.  By the end of the shoot, he had her spinning around in his arms, giggling, and being thrown into the air with the happiest of smiles.

I can't thank you two enough for giving me the chance to take pictures for you guys.  I so enjoyed the time spent with your family.

Thank you!