Michael+Nicole : Engaged


Let me start off with, these two are the cutest. I can hardly stand it. But I will stick around so that I can be their photographer. ; D Back in the day, I shot Nicole's senior pictures and she was one of my favorites.  Such a fun lady and so beautiful.

- Location: Seattle/UW campus

This next part may make you not like them...not only are they gorgeous and so cute together, they are so super kind and thoughtful. They paid for my parking, gave me money for a babysitter, and at the end of their session they bought me Chipotle. I am not sure they are real but I'm gonna go with it.

Michael and Nicole, in all seriousness you two are wonderful. I had the best time during our session and I cannot wait for your big day.

And in the words of my 5 year old, thank you super hero much!