Newborn : Family session


Let me start with this, the Shaw family has lots of love for the Chick family.  Kendon and Jay worked together at apple, and we also attended Soma (our church) together. Paige and Jay got married about 3 years ago and Jay became an instant Father to Paige's two girls who are just the sweetest, most caring girls I've ever met. In March little Wyatt was born and I had the honor of taking some sweet pictures of this new family.  I love shooting lifestyle sessions. It allows a family to just be themselves and allows me to capture their bond. There is no shortage of love for this baby boy. Everyone wanted to hug, kiss, and just plain love on him. It's safe to say he is a beautiful addition to their story. Enjoy!     chickfam-1chickfam-2chickfam-3chickfam-4chickfam-5chickfam-6chickfam-7chickfam-8chickfam-9chickfam-10chickfam-11chickfam-12 chickfam-13chickfam-14