Rick + Megan : Engagement Session


7 years ago I began learning photography. I read books, I borrowed a camera from a friend and started taking pictures of anything and anyone who was brave enough to step in front of my lens. I had no plans to get paid while I was learning but I was surrounded by the nicest, most graceful people who not only chose me to take senior pictures for them, but would not allow me to go unpaid. So with that, I left my job as a massage therapist and took up photography. Megan was my very first senior. And while I cringe thinking about the pictures I gave them and how I edited them, Megan and her amazing Mom, Trudy have always said that they still love them. They've got to be the nicest people. Ever. Somehow I tricked them into choosing me to take Megan and her fiancé Rick's engagement pictures and their upcoming wedding in October. And I could not feel more grateful.

Rick and Megan have such a beautiful relationship and watching them interact with each other reminded me of how Kendon and I are. They are best friends. They know each other best. They have fun. They laugh. And they love. They love so well.

Thank you for this opportunity. I loved hanging out and adventuring with you two. You're the best.


Love, Melissa

P.S. Move to Tacoma. ; )