The Sheets : Birth story


Buckle in. This is a long one. But it's so worth it. The month of June was a crazy busy month for us.  It was a beautiful roller coaster of different life sessions. I took several pictures of my own families events; my Grandma turned 90! My nephew graduated high school and turned 19. My other nephew flew out from Georgia to visit and brought his 1yr. old little guy Remington who we all met for the first time. I documented a birth, two days after that I shot a wedding. 7 days after that, I shot another wedding. Life. It's full of so much and I love that I get to tell the story.

As the busy days continued on, I was waiting for the call from friends of ours, the Sheets who agreed to have me come document the birth of their third child (their first boy).

Three days before Kendon and I were getting ready to leave for a wedding in Walla Walla, I got a text from Lisa saying they were going to induce her and I could come to the hospital later that day. Woohoo! All of the emotions came flooding in. And the timing was perfect for me because Kendon happened to be off that day so I didn't need to schedule someone to watch Hudson and Avery. I got ready and left not too long after that. I pulled in to a parking spot and then got a text, they had a change of plans. They were going to try a few other things before they officially induced her so there was no need to come to the hospital yet. So I drove all the way back home (5 minutes away) ; ).

Knowing that I could get a text at any time made for a rough night of sleep but I have little room to complain here so I'll stop. I got the official "feel free to come whenever" around 6/6:30am on thursday (a big thanks to Kendon and my awesome friend Gretchen who watched the kids so I could be free to document this amazing story).

Lisa was induced during the afternoon on Wednesday because at this point she was 9 days overdue, and the baby's heart rate was decelerating with small contractions and since they didn't know how he'd respond with big contractions they wanted to monitor it in a controlled environment.

This friend of mine, I'm blown away by her grace, her beauty, and her strength. I mean completely amazed.

Having never documented a birth and only having been to the birth of both of my children (cause if you give birth, you have to be there haha), I had no idea what to expect or what the environment would be like.

As I walked in their room, Lisa was sitting in bathtub w/water to help keep her as comfortable as possible. And Randy, her husband was sitting next to her, encouraging her. Holding her hand. And being such a great helpmate. Hours went by, 8 1/2 hours of active labor to be exact (but I was there for only 4 of them.) She had no epidural and went through the entire labor natural. She is a champ. A warrior, really.

I don't have the words to explain the emotions I saw and experienced that day. As you scroll through these pictures you'll see what I mean. If you're a woman who has given birth, then you'll probably be brought back to the story of your child or children's birth. I absolutely did. And it was a beautiful reminder of the strength and purpose that God gave me as a woman.

I watched as two friends of mine were the epitome of what it is to be a husband and wife. A friendship. A team. A grand love. There was pain, frustration, joy, and love. There was grace. And most of all, beauty.

It takes a brave woman to allow someone to come in and take pictures of you giving birth. And then to allow me to share them, and their story is even more brave. And I'm so thankful.

Thank you Lisa and Randy. Love you guys!