Newborn : Special nephew!

Back in February Kendon and I took a solo trip (every moment was amazing) down to California to meet our new nephew, Owen. Kendon's brother Brandon and his wife, Faith (she's the best and I love her) had their first baby (as well as the first baby born other than our kids in Kendon's family) in January. And I am smitten. I love him so much and I am the proudest Auntie! 

He was 11 lbs 8 oz and 24 inches long. I did not mistype. That was his actual stats at birth. Faith, you are amazing. I mean for a lot of reasons you're really amazing but he was 11 lbs and 24 inches long. She deserves all the donuts and all the books and all the happy drinks for life. 

It's been so wonderful to watch people that you love become parents. I met Brandon when he was a senior graduating from high school. I watched him go through college, grad school, marry the woman of his dreams, start a business and now become a Father. Cue the crying. They have been the most incredible Mom and Dad. Owen is going to have the best life with them as his parents. It makes me so sad that we don't live closer. Maybe someday? : D

For now enjoy these sweet moments of Brandon, Faith and Owen. Side note: Faith is the craftiest crafter. She made most of the artwork in their house. I need to hire/fly her here to make all the things for me.